NEWS4Women: A Delaware Womens Business Networking Group


May 26, 2011

Let’s put unity back in our community of women!

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Have you ever been faced with a personal or professional challenge and wondered where you could find some help? Is the first person who came to mind a woman- maybe your best friend, sister, mother, neighbor or a co-worker? When there is a project or task to be done is it often a group of women who come together and make it happen? I dare say yes to these questions.
Whether you are a professional woman who wants to support locally owned businesses, a woman business owner looking for new clients or customers, a nonprofit leader in search of new donors, or a stay-at-home mom seeking volunteer opportunities with a nonprofit organization, NEWS4Women can provide the connections you need. We are a dynamic group of women who firmly believe in the spirit of collaboration and support for all women.
The word ‘community’ may be defined as ‘a group of people having common interests’. At NEWS4Women we believe in the power of community and in providing opportunity and support for all women. We are developing new features, programs, and interactive tools to engage and support women in our community so stay tuned for exciting news to come.

May 6, 2011

Playing nicely in the sandbox!

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We teach our children to play nicely in the sandbox, to share toys, and to take turns on the playground with the intended result that they learn to cooperate and collaborate so everybody wins. But sometimes these lessons are lost in adulthood as individuals and businesses compete in the workplace. Sometimes the spirit of cooperation disappears in the quest for revenue. At NEWS4Women giving, supporting, and collaborating with others is the foundation of our organization. We believe in helping small businesses and local nonprofits to succeed and we know there is a large sandbox of business opportunities where we can all play nicely and help one another.
In the upcoming weeks look for new opportunities for small businesses to maximize exposure using tools on the NEWS4Women site. We’ll be promoting women-centric products and services that you’ll want to know about. Our NEWS Members will get priority placement to showcase their businesses so if you aren’t already a member join today! Just 44 cents a day will put your business in the NEWS!